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Sharing my stories and helping you share yours

My goal with every project is to write in a way that moves people and generates connection. I write about everything: the beauty and pain of life, coping with heartbreak, the joys and adventures of parenthood, and the complicated wonder of being a woman, a mother and a flawed human.

I write about my life and experiences with honesty and vulnerability. It is our willingness to share our truth without fear of judgement that creates real connection and understanding. Our victories and mistakes both get us to where we need to be, and when we're open enough to share these, we inspire others to reach for their best lives.

I bring this energy to my writing clients. I tell your stories in a way that lets people know who you are and what matters to you. I open a window into you, and this unlocks doors to personal and professional connection.

I do a bit of everything: blog posts, guest posts, magazine articles, interviews, social media posts,  ghostwriting, collaborative projects, and bios. If something needs to be expressed clearly, succinctly, and with heart, I'm on it!

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