Bonnie Koehn

A little bit about me:


My dream has always been to combine my writing career with coaching and counselling. As I've worked toward this goal, I've learned that connection, empathy, compassion, and hope are at the core of everything I do. 

I have climbed some very steep and difficult mountains! Throughout these challenges, two things have carried me: hope and truth. My life's work is to share my own journey and to help others share theirs. People heal through being heard, seen and loved. This knowledge guides both my personal life and my professional endeavors. We are never stuck, if we can only connect with the power and strength within us. Sometimes this requires some hard lessons, but we always emerge with greater purpose, deeper compassion, higher wisdom, and more capacity for love.

I've been a writer, editor, and small business owner for the past ten years. In addition to this, I'm now a coach, a child & youth advocate, a full-time parent, and I'm currently completing my Masters in Clinical Counselling. 

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